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Hi there! My name is Shannon and I’m the owner of Tidy Tulip Cleaning Service, LLC! I’m a mother of one and a guardian for two. I’m a Sergeant in the U.S. ARMY National Guard, having served seven years with many more to go! As a Military Police Officer I’ve had one tour overseas and multiple state missions. Yes, I’m a busy woman and definitely have my hands full – but If you’re not constantly chasing new opportunities and reaching new goals then what are you doing with life?

As a mother I find myself getting caught up in cleaning and miss out on time spent with those I love. I’ve always been passionate about keeping a clean, tidy home, my family, and protecting our planet – so I built the foundation of Tidy Tulip on just that. Our mission is to give back! We want to give time back to our clients and their families while also caring for our community and our employees.

My vision for Tidy Tulip is to simply build a family-like clientele base that is just as passionate about our core values and mission as we are! With a strong love and passion for family, cleanliness, community, and planet, join us in keeping Long Island “Long Island Strong” for our community, families and those we love healthy and happy!

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Our Services & Packages

Classic Cleaning

When you come home to a freshly cleaned home without having to lift a finger, you’re easily able to relax and enjoy time with your family. Our Classic Cleaning Package is our standard cleaning package, and we’ll make sure we hit every problem area of your home. We’re able to custom-fit anything in our Classic Cleaning Package to fit your needs. If you choose weekly or bi-weekly cleanings, we’ll perform one task on our Rotational Cleaning checklist per month – keeping your home deep cleaned throughout the year.

Premier Cleaning

Our Premier Cleaning Package is our most-requested package – and it’s easy to see why. We’ll give you time back with your family without you having to plug in a vacuum or dusting those hard-to-reach places. Our Premier Cleaning Package can be flexible to fit your cleaning needs. To keep your home continuously deep cleaned, we will also perform one task on our Rotational Cleaning checklist per month if you choose weekly or
bi-weekly cleanings.

Deep/ Spring Cleaning

While you may not need to deep clean your home each time you pull out a broom, it’s important to have a Deep/ Spring Cleaning as part of your regularly scheduled cleanings. Tidy Tulip’s Deep/ Spring Cleaning Package will really work to give your home the deep clean it needs periodically throughout the year and can be custom-tailored to fit your home’s needs. If you’re already one of our Classic or Premier clients, you’ll receive an item from our Deep/ Spring cleaning checklist once a month to keep your home consistently clean.

Move-In or Move-Out Cleaning

Are you moving soon and need to clean your home? Tidy Tulip offers a cleaning package that will make sure your home is spotless before you move in or out! Choose from our Classic or Premier packages and check this off your list!


When you choose Tidy Tulip Cleaning Service, you’re making a vote to protect the planet and the Long Island community. As a green, eco-friendly cleaning company we take pride in the products and materials we use!

During the COVID-19 pandemic, choosing a green cleaning company has become more popular and almost necessary as we’ve been facing this new normal. The community has educated themselves even more on the harmful side effects of traditional cleaning products and its ingredients as health concerns are becoming more prevalent. 

Client Testimonials

“Shannon and her team were extraordinary. There’s no other word to describe the impeccable services they offer. I have an infant and have no time to properly clean my home and make sure it stays as sanitary and baby-friendly as possible. Shannon & her Tidy Tulip team improve my quality of life by making it really easy to book a service, showing up on time and they’re just extremely personable. They have great policies in place to make sure their practices are Covid-19 safe. Thank you Shannon and team for being the best cleaning service and for making it possible for me to spend my time in a clean home with my beautiful family!”

- Angelique & Jeff

Clean and pristine describes Tidy Tulip to a tee! Shannon and her team over achieved our expectations. We were so excited to come home to a Tidy house. We’ve had other cleaning companies but none were able to impress us like Tidy Tulip. We would recommend this company to anybody with our seal of approval.

Thank you to Shannon and her team for giving us one last thing to worry about during these trying times. Highly recommend Tidy Tulip. We are so pleased. Thank you….. A sincere happy client!”

–Jean & John

Tidy Tulip is the best! My boyfriend and I have never used a cleaning company until now and we are extremely satisfied with Tidy Tulips work. My boyfriend works long hours and I am in nursing school and work part time because of our schedules the house gets away from us often. We felt so much relief having them clean the house. The house was immaculate after Tidy Tulip came! From our estimate to booking our clean Shannon was so easy to talk to and worked quickly to get us an appointment. Also, with COVID still happening Tidy Tulip had their masks and gloves on the whole time which made us feel really safe. We will be regular customers with Tidy Tulip from now on. I highly recommend them to anyone thinking about having a cleaning service come to their home.”

–Alyssa & Travis


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